Saturday, June 4, 2011

When 3 Day Weekends Are Not Long Enough

Not even a 30 day weekend would have been long enough last weekend!  We had some awesome friends  come visit and stay with us.  You would think 7 people in one loft would just prove to be too much.  Not when the people visiting are as awesome as Lyndsay and Brandon and their two boys!  We watched movies, grilled at the pool, walked around downtown, took the train to Mockingbird Station and laughed more than my cheeks could handle!  By the end of the weekend we were ready for them to move in!  And when they left we wondered around the loft aimlessly reminiscing about all the fun we'd just had and wishing that the weekend didn't have to end.

I'm so mad at myself, though, for barely taking any pictures all weekend.  Thankfully Lyndsay had her awesome camera (when we found out it was waterproof we went crazy!) out all weekend and posted these fun shots to her blog!  (It's private though, so I can't link to it... and I don't want to post pictures of her kids without permission.  Just know they are BEYOND adorable, model children who are probably the most well-behaved boys I've even known!)

So here are a few shots of us that I stole from her blog.  Thanks Lyndsay and Brandon for being such awesome friends!!  Please come visit again any time!  And SOON!

This time in the pool was so much fun for Miles!

First underwater shot -- look how excited they are!

Miles fell asleep, but we kept drinking! :)

ADORABLE outfit from Lyndsay!

Another adorable outfit from Lyndsay and some 'seefood'

Lynds and I on the train

Miles slept through lunch so I got to enjoy Urban Taco

Last time I put these pink swim diapers on him.  Everyone kept telling me that my girl was so cute.  :(

Could he have any more pink?  Good thing he's so tough!

My ABSOLUTE favorite!  Look at Miles smiling at me!!

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  1. Awww, Mandi, you are the sweetest!!!!!!!! We had sooo much fun, really, it was awesome! And all of us in a loft??? No biggie at all, it was marvelous!!!!! I want to repeat the whole weekend at least once a month!!! hehe And sweet Miles, oh, I miss him already!!! Can't wait to do it again soon! xoxoxoxo