Thursday, June 23, 2011

Terrible 2s at 10 Months

When Miles doesn't get his way he let's you know how upset he is about it by throwing his head back (yes, on to the concrete) in a fit, whilst screaming.  Hello terrible 2s at 10 months!!  Thankfully we've gotten pretty good at predicting when it's gonna happen and preventing a little baby concussion.  Gotta wipe his nose, prepare to catch his head!  Tell him no, he can't play with those cords - better catch his head!  Take away my iPhone that he got his little baby fingers on - there goes his head again!

So today he grabbed my phone yet again and I took it away and there he goes, flailing his body to the ground.  I gently helped him down to finish his fit.  When he got back up he tried again, cause what would life be without persistence!  I said no, so he screamed at me.  So I screamed back and laughed.  So he screamed and laughed.  Mother of the year!

Then I decided to take some pictures!

Please excuse the toes. 

Scream or laugh?  Scream!

You can kinda see his smirk in this one!

Soooo fun!
He seriously cracks me up!  Here's a shot of him just being cute.  


  1. LOL! So cute! He looks like he doesn't know whether to be mad at you or laugh at you. too funny!!

  2. That first pic of Miles makes me laugh so hard!! You know what you should do?!?! Is have your Dad take a pic of him copying every single one of Miles's faces in these pics and then do a side by side post of Miles and his grandpa! LOL!!
    Seriously!! =)

  3. That is such a great idea Lyndsay!! I'll do it the next time they visit.
    Just the last two days Miles has realized that throwing his body back in a tantrum isn't the best idea and now he just lays down on his belly and puts his head on his arm instead. It's too cute, except it just looks like he's tired... lol... he's so funny!