Wednesday, December 8, 2010


And speaking of eating, were we speaking of eating?  Kind of, I guess.  Well, anyway -- look who tried carrots for the first time and LOVED them.  

He was pretty tired the first time we gave him some so he ate them but seemed a little under impressed with it. 

Well, that all changed last night when he didn't want to eat his cereal and growled at me until I gave him his carrots.  Once I did his little arms and legs went crazy with excitement!!  But then he growled at me every time I took a little too long to get the spoon to his mouth.  It was the cutest thing I've ever seen/heard.  He polished of his bowl of carrots and wanted more!  Could he be any cuter?!

Tonight -- sweet potatoes!!

And in an effort to make up for all his sleeping woes - I've been making his food fresh with the Beaba food maker.  It steams, it defrosts, it purees, it mashes, it does everything but eat the food for you and I LOVE it.  A special thanks to all my Bank of America SFD training buddies who pitched in a bought it for me.  I plan on using the crap out of that thing!  Miss you guys!

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