Tuesday, December 21, 2010


So... all my delicious homemade food was making my poor baby constipated.  SO constipated.  He had several days of struggling to poop out these hard pellet poops.

Yum.  Beef steak nuggets anyone?

They seriously make these? VOMIT!
Sorry... I digress.

Anyway, we went off the potatoes and carrots for a while and switched to apples every other night.  That seems to have worked (runny poop -- a bittersweet victory).  And I'm going to try pears tonight and maybe some butternut squash later this week because I read that those won't hurt his tummy as much as the carrots and potatoes will.

But my question is -- why does everyone recommend carrots and sweet potatoes first if they know that's what will happen?  All the books I read said to try carrots and sweet potatoes and then apples and bananas.  But online everything said that those constipate your baby and apples and the squash will be better.  Sheesh, thanks a lot recipe books.  Thanks for nothing!

In the mean time, a not constipated baby = a happy baby!!


  1. We had this same problem when Violet started solids. Let me know if you want some tricks that worked for us. Hopefully the apples and pears will help... avoid bananas!

  2. I'll take any and all suggestions any time you've got them! I think the apples and pears did the trick, but we've started butternut squash and I'm worried what that will do. I'm going to get some prunes tomorrow just incase. But I'm willing to try anything.

  3. Prunes, apples, pears, yes. We also started giving Violet a little bit of apple juice (cut in half with water) in a sippy cup every day (she LOVES it... we have to hide the cup until she's done with her food or she freaks out and refuses to eat until she gets it!) Also, our pediatrician recommended (this sounds weird, but it works) adding some Karo syrup (dark corn syrup, like you put in pecan pie) to her bottles. The body can't break it down so it just pushes straight through... pushing out everything else in the meantime, if you get my drift.

  4. That is very interesting. I might try the Karo syrup. He's loving bananas right now... and we all know what those do... 8)