Friday, December 10, 2010

So Far So Good

So my new plan is working out okay so far.  The plan is -- no plan at all.  Basically Miles does not like going to sleep before he's ready.  And by ready I mean so tired that he can no longer keep his eyes open.  And since he's sweet and happy and good until he's exhausted (if we're holding him) there's really no problem with letting him stay up.  So far.  Everything will change as soon as I type this, so I don't even know why I bother, but I digress.

When he is good and exhausted putting him to bed is cake!  And since I love cake -- we have ourselves a little night owl!  We stayed up late to watch a movie last night and Miles finally got grumpy around 11:30 so I walked him around for a minute, layed him down, and he was out!  He woke up at 7:45 this morning to eat and then went straight back to sleep and is still sleeping at 10.  It's not ideal (I'd love for him to sleep from 8 to 8.  Or even 9 to 9.  And we will try to get there.  But for now, this is working and there's much less crying and fighting going on.  So I'll take it. 

In other news -- Miles LOVES food.  Both his mommy and daddy are food lovers, so it's really no surprise.  But it's beyond cute to watch him try new foods for the first time.  His face is so confused for a second and then his legs and arms start swinging around in excitement!  I just love it.  He's already grabbing the spoon and shoving it in his mouth himself (apparently we are not fast enough for him) and growling whenever the spoon is out of reach. 

Yesterday I had to give him two servings of apples because he was just so upset when the first one was done.  (Plus I'm hoping the apples help move things along... if you know what I mean.)

Here's Miles enjoying his sweet potatoes for the first time.  I got distracted while talking so I don't even know what I was saying... but the video is pretty cute!

And just as a side note -- this is what happens in his bouncy if he's left to his own devices...

Can't turn my back for a second with this one!

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