Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Smiling Baby

We went to Austin this weekend to visit with Tony's family.  His cousins were having their annual Wine and Tapas party and we thought it'd be a great time to get together and see everyone!  And there's quite a lot of family to see.

Such a great family!

After arriving two hours late because of a flat tire (changing a flat tire in the cold with a crying baby is just no fun) we finally got to relax and have some fun!  The two baby cousins got to meet for the first time!
Keila, our beautiful hostess, holding Corbin and Dana holding Miles
It's weird how much they look alike and yet so different.  They were instant friends, of course, and started their friendship off with Corbin chewing on Miles' arm! 

Give me that arm back... it's so delicious!
Much relaxing and drinking of the wine ensued.

Beth and Izzy hugging while I tried to put a tired baby to sleep
I even got to party it up a bit when Keila, our beautiful hostess (seriously, did you see her picture, she's so gorgeous) took Miles from me and put him to sleep!  There are no pictures of this, however, because I was too busy drinking wine and relaxing to worry about pictures!

Sunday we got to brunch and spend some more time with Tony's brother and his family and their cousin David.  It was such a nice time, we didn't ever want to leave.  The weather was beautiful so we played outside in their yard until Miles finally crashed!  He napped while we all got to play outside some more.

Miles LOVED this swing!  I can't believe he's such a big boy!
But we finally did break ourselves away because we had plans to stop in Waco and visit with some of my most dear friends Lyndsay and Brandon and their two sweet boys!  

Dylan and Miles becoming fast friends!
I just love having friends who you might not get the chance to see often, but every time you do see each other it's like no time has passed at all and you can just laugh and chat all night!  The kids played together while Lyndsay held Miles all evening and told me repeatedly how perfect his head shape is.... lol.  I must say... I completely agree!  I can't believe how big and adorable her boys are getting!  I just wanted to squeeze little Dylan's belly all night long, but alas, he told me no when I tried to hug him.  Maybe next time Dylan.  :) 

This was by far one of my favorite weekends of the year!  We had such a great time with all our family and friends.  But the one thing I realized is just how important family (and friends who are as good as family) are for Miles to be around.  I have not seen him smile so much since we were in New Mexico with my family.  Miles will smile (I didn't think about that rhyme when I named him) for me all day long, but when we go out he doesn't really smile at strangers.  I want him to be friendly and sweet to everyone, but he looks at strangers with his brows furrowed.   Well, the second we got around family that all changed.  He was so full of huge gummy grins for everyone I didn't even know what to think.  He refused to sleep on the way to Austin, so I was sure he would be a grump.  But no, he smiled for everyone!  And when we got to Waco, same thing.  He gave Lyndsay and her family the biggest smiles I've seen.  It was just so sweet to see him so happy and comfortable with his family!  I cannot wait for us to go back to New Mexico again so he can smile for everyone there!

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  1. Awww, what a great post! Miles is just too precious and I was sooo grateful he was smiling at me. He is adorable! We had a great time!