Thursday, December 16, 2010

4.5 months

Obviously I have no real consistency with this update of my favorite things of Miles.  Much like his sleep schedule, I'm just not very good at that sort of thing -- consistency, schedules, etc.  Apparently, though, I had myself the perfect baby to fit into our hectic lives -- because he seems to be doing just fine with the way things are.

So, without further ado -- here are a few of my favorite things about Miles as he is right now.
  • I love the way you stare at your hands as you hold them out in front of you, amazed at how well you can control them these days and still surprised when you actually grab that toy you're reaching for.
  • I love that you are still nursing and that now you reach out to touch my face while you nurse.  I kiss your little hands and you love it.  It's become a regular thing and I hope it lasts. 
  • I absolutely adore the smile you get on your face when either your dad or I start singing.  No matter what the song you almost burst with excitement - you love singing!
  • I love that when you are over tired and upset you only want your momma.  It means more work for me, but I cannot explain the way it feels to be the most important person in the world to someone. 
  • I love that you've started to notice me typing on the keyboard or playing on my phone so now you reach for them because they are obviously interesting to me.  You are just so smart and observant. 
  • I love the shape of the back of your head.  It's so oval and perfect.
  • I love the color of your skin, everyone else does too.
  • I love that you can fit your toes in your mouth and scream at me when I pull them out to put your diaper on, every time.
  • I love that sometimes you wake up in the mornings and just lay there, quietly talking until I come get you. 
  • I love how you scrunch up your face right before you give me the biggest smile.  You are so scrumptious!
  • I love how funny you think it is when we try to get you to say Momma or Dadda.
  • I love that your favorite song is Patty Cake and you love when we make you clap your hands.
  • I love bouncing you on the bed.  Izzy loves it too.  It's one of the surefire ways we can make you laugh.
  • I love your tiny little laugh.  You don't do it often, but that makes it that much more special.
  • I love that you just started noticing the cats. And how you watch them with such interest as they mosey on by.
  • I love that you have straight eyelashes just like me. 
  • I love your ticklish little belly. 

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