Monday, December 6, 2010

How Prayer and Beer Go Together

So this is a quick post about something that amazed me this week.  On Wednesday and Thursday I began to notice that every time I fed Miles he wasn't nursing for as long as normal and seemed to be pretty frustrated after eating.  Since I don't pump often, if I can help it, I didn't know if there was a problem with my "production." Well, after pumping on Thursday evening (4 hours after Miles ate) and only getting 2 ounces I knew there was a big problem.

I know pumping can produce less milk then when Miles actually eats, but I had never pumped so little before.  And since Miles is exclusively breastfeed I immediately started to panic.  He's only 4 months and I really want to breastfeed as long as possible.  Plus, I know that if Miles wasn't getting much food the last few days, he must be going to bed hungry and that just broke my heart.

I wracked my brain and got pretty upset.  Then I prayed about it and went to bed.  Friday morning I drank about 10 packets of the Mothers Milk tea and then rushed to the store for some IPA beer.  I had been drinking a beer a day or every other day since Miles was born, but we'd run out and the store didn't have the brand I like the last time I went so I didn't bother to get the other kind.  But yesterday I got the first IPA beer I could find and drank two right away.

And sure enough - by Friday evening Miles was eating to his hearts content!  He even spit up because there was just so much milk.  Prayer and beer, my new fix all!

So, for all breastfeeding moms out there -- I swear by that IPA beer!  If I could find hops in a tincture anywhere, I would prefer that (IPA is SO bitter), but since I can't find it I'll be drinking my way to more milk! 


  1. I started eating oatmeal every morning... that seemed to help me as well. Also, don't let the pump throw you off. It took my body a while to figure out how to give up the milk to a machine. But hey, I'm never opposed to prayer (or beer) either!

  2. I love oatmeal! I will definitely try that. Thanks!