Friday, October 2, 2015

We've Got Some Work To Do

If it's a 50/50 chance to get them on right, how on earth does she keep putting them on wrong.  Every. Single.  Time.

Also.  She LOVES sporting socks with flip flips.  MUCH like her Nana, who I've always said she looks like.  (Especially when mad.)

This girl is 2.  And she is a hot hot mess.  Clearly.

Every time I laugh at anything (something on tv, something I'm reading, something Miles does, a text message) she says "what Mommy, me?"  with a big smile on her face.  Like for sure she is just the funniest thing ever, of course I'm laughing at her.

Her vocabulary is off the charts.  Or maybe I'm just comparing her to Miles at 2.  He didn't say anything.  And she says EVERYTHING.

Some of her favorite things to say - "I see" (anytime anyone shows anyone anything) "No mine" "My turn" "No I do it self" "Where'd pappy (paci) go?" "Where'd baby go?" "My iPad" "Socks on!" "Shoes on!" "Where going?" "Who dat?" (for anything, person or item) "I wann one" "I wann one too" (usually any time I have a bite of anything in my mouth, whether she's eaten or not.) "I so so hungy, mmmm mmm mmm mmmm" (while rubbing her belly) "I watch ABC Songs" "Oh, sank you mommy" (thank you) "sank you, welcome" "No" "Sorye Miyels" "diapy off" "diapy doo doo" "poopoopotty" (thanks to her brother they both say a LOT of poop jokes) "potty on potty" (while taking her diaper off and then sitting on the potty) (she may be trying to tell me something)

And pretty much anything she wants to say.  Because she says EVERYTHING. 

And I am SO not ready for potty training. 

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