Friday, October 2, 2015

Fall, Fighting, and Gunk In Your Eye

It's finally so lovely outside it hurts!  Like, literally.  We've all got some crazy allergies turning gunky up in here.

It started Tuesday with runny noses for both kids.  I immediately started the diffuser with Theives and DC oils.  I started pumping them with Briarrose and Elderberry and Highlands Allergy medicine.

But despite my best efforts the boogers are turning into coughing fits and gunky eyes.  Miles coughed from 4 am to 5:30 this morning.  And I woke up with my right eye gunked shut.

Fun times.

Also, with this fun gunky fall weather - my children have turned into fighting machines.  I swear, something is in the air.  They will not.stop.fighting.  And I'm losing my cool.

Miles is insisting on bossing Natalie around.  And Natalie loves to just walk over to Miles and smack him as hard as she can for no apparent reason what so ever.  So.  That's fun.

Maybe it's because we've been staying in all week since I thought they were sick.  Maybe it's cabin fever!

I'm fairly certain it's just allergies though, so I'm gonna hit up the Family Health Market for more allergy medicine and get these crazies out of the house tonight.

But first, while Natalie naps, a quick reading lesson and writing the letter S.
Which he did for like 30 more seconds before sliding off the couch in boredom.  So I made him write his name and then let him go to the garage to play with his dog.

We'll come back to this one!

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