Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Miles Away Again

We are moving!  Yay?  Moving sucks.  But this house -- we are so excited!!

So, first of all - we could never have done this without the help of our amazing friend Beverly.  She flips houses professionally and we've always been in awe of her talent and knowledge when it comes to this trade.  Mostly because it seems like such a complicated business and she KILLS at it.  She just knows EVERYTHING there is to know about every single detail.  But also because my husband is obsessed with HGTV and we both love the idea of flipping a house, or even just buying one to fix up and live in and have exactly the way we want!

She is the reason we have this house in Frisco.  From finding the short sale to helping us get it.  We already owe her huge for this one!

Then.  She did it again!  She found us an amazing house in Uptown (technically Oak Lawn area) that is PERFECT for us.  And again, without her help in a million different ways, we could never have this opportunity. 

We owe her our first born.  But honestly - she can have either of these crazy kids this week.  They are still fighting like cats and dogs.  Also, they co-sleep.  So we might have to come to other arraignments.

But I digress.  This house!!  It needs some work.  Foundation.  Probably electrical.  Maybe even plumbing.  Besides all that, it's mostly live-in ready.  It has been updated in most places.  And we will update things we want to change as we can.  But we are so excited at the potential!!!


We are just excited to be moving back to Dallas!  Since we've left, we have felt like we were never home.  Even our house now doesn't have pictures up on the walls.  We just never felt at home here.  

This house is 3 bedrooms, 3.1 bathrooms.  It's almost as big as the one we are in now.  It's walking distance to a grocery store and a ton of restaurants (some of our favorites from when we lived in downtown!).  

I've already joined a couple of homeschool meetup groups down there!  

It's all so exciting.  

So, for now - we are focused on foundation repair and getting out of this house we are in!  

Know anyone who wants an awesome house in Frisco? 


  1. Yay! So happy for you! Sounds like you are going to love it. :)