Monday, October 1, 2012

On a Roll

I haven't jinxed myself yet... I'm still making my Pinterest recipes... and still rockin them! Today was Pumpkin/Apple Breakfast bread and it was gobbled up before I could even take a picture. The recipe even called for healthy things - like whole wheat flour and applesauce and the bread was DELISH!

And while this isn't technically my success, it's still worth sharing!

On Saturday my mom and I made the most out of the rainy day by going to the Farmers Market. (While Tony napped the rainy afternoon away - another way to make the most out of the rain!) And while it wasn't a Pin - it was still a HUGE success.

I was afraid the Market would be empty because of the rain, but I was dead wrong. It was PACKED!

We had such a great time picking out veggies and fruit! Miles even joined in on the fun...


Conveniently (for me) Tony woke up just in time to help with the chopping, since I had to lay down with Miles. Sleepy, rainy day cuddles are by far the best!

And I woke up to the most amazing smell ever!

They had chopped and diced and cooked some meat even! It was a vegetable soup/stew and it was AMAZING!

We just had leftovers today and I am missing the soup already...

Time to get on Pinterest for another dinner idea!!


  1. soup looks delish!


  2. p.s. I nominated you for a Liebster award!