Thursday, October 31, 2013

Live Learn and then Get Luvs

If you haven't seen these Luvs commercials by now, you are in for a treat! I luv them! Especially this one --

For me, it just rings so true!

With Miles, I nursed under the Hooter Hiders everywhere we went. Even in my own home when anyone (including the big kids) was over. I hid in cars, nursed in corners, and basically kept the girls completely hidden.

This time around -- I give up. It's just too much hassle. And honestly - I've gone through so much pain to get to a good place while breastfeeding -- I shouldn't have to hide to do it!

And you know what? It's not that big of a deal. I've pulled the boobs out at Izzy's soccer games, at Target, walking around the Pumpkin Patch, at Home Goods (where I got a "Good for you" from a fellow shopper), at Spring Creek BBQ, and at home in front of anyone who happens to be here.

I am discreet and usually have a blanket nearby if I feel uncomfortable. It's not like I'm trying to make anyone look at my boobs. I just don't feel like I should have to hide anymore.

I read this article the other day that really helped. In it, the point is made clear that pregnancy, postpartum bodies and breastfeeding are not well represented in the media. Case in point -- the world was in shock over Kate Middleton's belly just a few days after she had her baby. On that same note - breastfeeding "has yet to be normalised by the sheer repetition of seeing it every day online, on television or in print media." And then it goes on to explain how us momma's -- we just can't win! It's not normalized or accepted for us to do in public "But on the other hand women are shamed if they do not do it."

Basically, society is telling us that breastfeeding is best for your baby for at least 1 year. But please don't do it in public unless you are appropriately ashamed and embarrassed enough to hide under a blanket. But preferably hide in a bathroom if you can.

And that sucks.

I don't particularly want anyone looking at my nipples. But I also want to feed my baby without feeling embarrassed. And it's too fine a line in society today.

I don't want to hold any nurse-ins (which are becoming a thing), but I do want to breastfeed without feeling embarrassed or ashamed. Maybe with a blanket over me, maybe not. Either way, it's not a big deal. It's normal.


  1. I love this commercial! and I admit to being quite a lactivist, though I've yet to find a nurse in I could attend, but I gladly will fight for my rights!! I just think it's great that you're breastfeeding!

  2. I totally agree with you! The only place I put Annie "under the tent" (as I call my nursing cover) has been in church or our small group gathering. I guess I'm a little more inclined to cover up when Jesus is in the picture! But everywhere else, I can't be bothered. I have to do what works best for the baby and makes me the most comfortable.