Thursday, October 10, 2013

In Love

I am completely head over hills in love with my babies!!

Miles just keeps getting cuter and cuter every day. Today he ran to his daddy when he got home and said "Daddy, Daddy -- you're here! I'm so glad you're here!!"

He is just the sweetest, cutest thing I could ever hope for! He drives me crazy sometimes, but then I get my revenge somehow...

He wore that bow for hours. Isn't he pretty? :)

He's still doing great with his sister. But my mom is only here for 2 more weeks. I'm scared. Oh so scared!

Natalie is still just the perfect baby. Currently she is sleeping on my chest as I type this. She loves it right there, listening to my heartbeat. But she is also perfectly content to sleep in her bouncy and swing. Often she just hangs out in the bouncy and then dozes off all on her own. I hardly know what to do with a baby so sweet and easy going.

And she LOVES to be talked to. She loves it when you give her your full attention and just talk and talk. If she's fussy, we can usually get her to chill just by talking to her.

Breastfeeding is getting better. Finally. I just want to say - I HATE breastfeeding. Ok, I hated it. The first 2 weeks are the WORST. I honestly think that if you can go through the constant pain of breastfeeding 8 to 10 times a day then you can do natural childbirth, no problem. Breastfeeding is the pain that never ends. Once you finish one feeding there's only 2 short hours until the next torture session. And Natalie's thrush made her latch horrible -- so that didn't help. Her thrush is finally getting better (although, not gone yet :(...) so breastfeeding is getting better. Her latch is still bad, but after the initial pain, the rest of the time it doesn't hurt.

And worrying about my milk supply is a fun part time job!! Making sure I'm eating the right foods, and drinking enough water and feeling like I don't have enough during the day, but way to much at night. Oh the roller coaster of emotions.

But, trying to wake Natalie up to finish eating at 3 am is one of my favorite things. She's so snuggly and cuddly. And she does that Superman yawn with her baby arms over her head where her fists shake but her eyes stay closed and then she falls back asleep anyway -- and then I die!!

My absolute favorite though is all of us sleeping together. She snuggles in my arm, Miles snuggles with his daddy. Seeing all my family snuggling together in bed just makes me realize how blessed we are. And I am completely in love!!

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