Thursday, January 3, 2013

Things I Love About Miles 2 yrs 6 months

Dear Miles,
You are now 2 and a half and every morning when you wake up, I swear you are bigger! It's going by so fast and I'm desperately trying to slow things down. There's so much to love about you right now, that this list could go on and on. Here are a few of my most favorite things!

  • You have 2 favorite things in the world - trains and music. Trains are your world right now, but I dare say that music comes in a VERY close second. And I absulutely love how passionate you are about both.

  • They way you yell "Hiiiiiiii traaaaaiiiiinnnnss" when we pass the DART every morning is the cutest thing ever. You have so much love and excitement and passion for trains in your tiny little 2 year old self. And I love the way you play with your Thomas trains, watching the wheels on the tracks from 1 inch away, over and over. Your fascination is inspiring to watch. There is now a huge portion of my brain (that I was planning on using someday, thank you very much) that now holds information about Thomas, Percy, Gordon and all their whiney British sayings - and I have YOU to thank!

  • But your love for music is what really makes my heart swell. You love to dance and sing your little baby heart out. When you hear a good beat you instantly start head banging and moving your feet. It doesn't matter where we are, even if it's the middle of Best Buy and you are running around the store like a wild banshee child - you'll hear a song and stop dead in your tracks to dance. But your singing and dancing in the car seat is what absulutely takes the cake. You still don't talk in full sentences (that we understand anyway) but you certainly can sing full versus of songs with eery accuracy! And you love it when we dance in the car together. I've gotten more than a few weird stares in traffic while I'm busting a move with my awesome car dancing - but the smile on your face makes it more than worth it!

  • Speaking of speaking - you are doing so good, my sweet son! You (finally, at 2 and a half) try words all the time and sound SO.STINKING.CUTE doing it. Daddy is Day-Yee. Momma is Ah-Ma (sometimes Ah-Mak or Ah-Mat, and a few times Ah-Meeeeeeee). Miles is My-uls. Izzy is Its-c. Nick is Kick. Milk used to be More but now it's Morek, sometimes even Mick pweese. Water is finally Wawer. And there's so many more, but you must be so frustrated with me because there's quite a few that I just cannot understand. I'm really trying though, I promise. And if we both work hard I'm sure those full sentences will be driving me crazy in no time!

  • I know I keep saying that everything is my favorite - but it's really just so hard to pick what the cutest thing about you is. Maybe this one! Whenever I tell you no - if it's for a sucker or a second cup of milk instead of dinner - you don't just get mad, you get even. And it should make me mad, or get you in trouble, but it's too darn cute. You start looking around the room, in the most dramatic fashion possible, for something to throw. And you are not picky. Sometimes it's one of your trains, or a crayon. Sometimes it's a sippy cup or the remote if it's close enough. You've thrown your dad's phone and tried to throw the coffee table over more than once. But the cutest thing, the one that makes me laugh the most is when you throw the little ottoman over on it's top. You look like such a caveman, flipping it over and yelling - and I laugh every time. I just can't help it. I try to hide it, and mostly I do. But something about throwing things totally works for you. You toss the ottoman over and then move on with life like nothing happened. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing. But for now, I absolutely love it! And I HAVE to get it on video...

  • You are about to drive me insane with your aversion to anything but cold food. It's making me crazy, but I know one day I'm going to look back and find it so cute. But if we give you anything to eat that is not literally COLD you say "aaaaaahhhhhhhhh-hot" and refuse to eat it. And I mean every.stinking.bite. We hear "aaaaaahhhhh-hot" about 30 times per meal. Every bite of food you take you spit back out into my hand saying "aaaaaahhhhh-hot". It makes me want to loose my mind. But it also manages to crack us up too. How do you do that, kid? :)

  • Your laugh is infectious. I guess most toddlers have pretty adorable giggles, but I absulutely love hearing yours. You laugh and throw your head back with an insane amount of force. I'm actually not sure how you do not have a concussion yet, but you are wild and carefree and I'm so grateful for that.

  • Oh my goodness are you ever the cutest little shy flirt ever. The other day we were in the elevator and a pretty girl walked in. You smiled at her, batted your eyelids and then reached out to rub her arm. You literally petted her arm! And that was it. All you wanted was to touch her. Apparently that wasn't the first time you flirted with this girl in the elevator. I must insist you stop breaking my heart like that!

  • You love to cuddle! And I mean loooove it! Last night you crawled into our bed and pulled the covers up to your neck, just ready and waiting for cuddles. Daddy and I cuddled you in bed for a while, but when I got up you were not done yet. You got out of bed, grabbed my hand, and took me back to bed for more cuddles. Then you turned into wild baby-head and started thrashing your head around while wild laughing. You almost gave your father a concussion more than once! Boys are so fun!

  • Right now you are playing with your singing tea set, playing this one song over and over and jumping up and down all around the house, dancing away, while shoveling crackers and grapes in your mouth by the fist fulls - FOR THE LAST 30 MINUTES STRAIGHT, and going strong!! Every day you make me smile! Thank you Miles, I love you so much!!


  1. Too cute! Maybe you should focus on Korean, after all Mom in korean is Ah-Ma

    1. How many languages do you know girl?! :) Also, if he's speaking Korean, that would really explain why I cannot understand a thing he's saying!! Let's hope it's Korean!