Thursday, January 24, 2013

For the Love of Pickles

I do love pickles, so maybe it wouldn't be a surprise that I could consume an entire jar of them in 15 minutes. But it seemed as good a way as any to announce this pregnancy!

Oh jar of Vlasic pickles, I regret eating you so fast -- only because of how much I miss you today. I really miss you. However, I am waaaay to tired to go get another jar, so I'll just settle for the bowl of carrots in dressing and vinegar I just inhaled. Those went pretty fast too.

Suffice it to say, Baby #2 (or #4, sort of) is on his or her way! I was searching and searching through Pinterest for a cute announcement to do for the 4th kiddo and there was not a single suggestion. I guess by kid 4, all pretense of planning goes out the window and you're just surviving! But saying Baby #2 feels wrong to me. So I went with the picture of an empty jar of pickles on FB as our announcement instead! Already this baby is getting the short end of the stick!

We decided to just forgo the whole "waiting for 12 weeks" thing for a couple of reasons

  1. We were just too excited to keep our mouths shut!

  2. This excellent post on Dallas Moms Blog! (are those ladies smart or what?)

  3. They say you start showing way earlier with your 2nd, and in yoga pants and t-shirts it's gonna be hard to hide! Plus the studio is doing a 10 week challenge - and can you just image if I had to keep this a secret and gain weight while everyone else is loosing? I'd look like the worlds worst trainer! HA!

  4. We are so excited!!

I kinda always knew I would want a brother or sister for Miles (heavy on the brother *please*) and Tony and I have talked and talked about it. Mostly we think it's a great idea, but we thought we'd wait for the perfect time first. Obviously getting out of the loft was top of our list. But as time kept passing and we stayed here, the issue was getting pressed in our (re: my) minds. Then over the holidays when we had 0 family for Thanksgiving and TONS of family for Christmas -- it sealed the deal. As soon as everyone left poor Miles all alone, I was sure we were doing the right thing.

Which was good, because I was pregnant by then! :)

So, we are about 6 weeks (almost). And so far I'm feeling good. Tired, maybe a tiny bit nauseous so far (knock on wood), and bloated (keepin it real). Oh, and I pee at least 27 times per night. But here's to 8 more months (or, you know 9 since I like to go over!) of things getting worse! Just kidding. Kinda.

The kids are excited, although it's all a big argument of boy vrs girl for them. This time I'm hoping for a boy. Which means it'll be a girl. And Izzy will be ecstatic!!

It's so neat to compare this pregnancy to my last one already, though. Things are already so different and I've only known for a week! Naturally, because of the differences I'm convinced it's a girl. Which really pisses me off, mostly because Kim Kardashian already stole our girl name. And I'll be damned if I give that name up! So Kim can bite me.

According to the web (which is always right, right?) our due date is Sept. 21st. Or 13th. So somewhere around there. Which for me means October, so don't hold your breath or anything. We won't go to the birthing center until the end of February, cause that's how they do things there! I'm left to my own devices to grow this baby, guess I better get to it!

Miles, of course, has not a clue. Ha! Awe, poor sweet boy, has no clue what's about to go down. So I'm gonna soak up every minute I can with him. We took a special train ride together today, and he had a blast!

He's getting so big, so fast, it's crazy! It's the perfect time for another baby! Just, what am I going to do when this next one starts getting big?!

PS -- if you know of anyone who wants an awesome loft in downtown, please send them our way! It comes highly recommended for anyone without 4 kids, 2 cats and a dog. Otherwise, we will just continue to make it work and be EVER so grateful for everything we do have! Because it truly is a lot!!


  1. What is this name?? I don't follow the kardashians(?) So you must just tell me lol

  2. CONGRATS!!!! That is so exciting for all of you! I can't wait to follow you through this journey! What is the name Kim wants? I haven't heard it.

  3. Awww Love this post!!! Congrats!!!! xoxoxo