Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Years Eve

(Disclaimer - I get wordy when I'm angry... and I'm obviously still angry about this one.)

Let me back it up one day to NY Eve Eve -- Monday morning (eeeeaaaarllly Monday morning) to be exact.  Y'all know that we had quite the house full this past weekend.  So it was not a pleasant surprise when, at 12:45 AM, a very loud bass from our neighbors stereo system wakes both me and Tony up.

To set the stage - we can almost always hear our neighbor's bass bumping  at all crazy hours of the night.  But we always have the sound machine on our iPad going and that's usually enough to mask it and it's no big deal.  As long as we can all sleep I'm not going to make a big deal out of things.  But if your bass wakes me up from a deep sleep -- you and I are gonna have words.

So, we called the security desk - but they were no where to be found, lovely helpful people that they are.  So I decided to knock on the neighbor's door.  An extremely polite couple answer the door with an apology and agreed to turn it down.  Lovely!

Except... the lady (who, I get the feeling, is the one actually renting the loft on her own) explains to me that she was actually gonna come by later on Monday to let us know about a party they are having for New Years Eve.

Now, I'm not really sure what to do with that information.  Was she really expecting me to say - Ok, sure no problem - keep a house full of 5 kids and 4 adults up because you want to have a party?  I wasn't sure, so I just said "okaaaaay" and went back to bed since they obliged and turned the music down.

Cut to NY Eve.  Lovely Neighbor Lady (LNL) comes by around 7 PM to warn us about the party, but Tony and I were not home.  The grandparents and kids were - so they got to see a house full of kids as they warned about their noisy party.  And come midnight - sure enough the party is a-raging.  People are puking in the hallway.  The bass is a'bumping.  We were up late - so we tried not to make a big deal about it.  But, around 12:45 most of us - including Miles and Nick (who posts to Facebook from his bed - neighbors having a party - guess I'll be up for the next 4 hours) cannot sleep.

Again we call security with no help and I'm left to my own devices to go next door in my pajamas with a baby on my hip.  Hoping that they will be nice about it again and just turn the bass down some so we can sleep.

(As a side note, Tony did offer to go both times, but my blood was boiling and I couldn't wait for him to put on pants.)

I knock and the man answers, but LNL comes rushing over to take over!  She says - I warned you guys.  I said - that's great - but that doesn't help the fact that none of us can sleep.  Can you please turn it down.  She agrees and we leave.

15 minutes later, there's absolutely 0 change to the music so I place Miles on my hip again and haul butt back over.  This time physically shaking I send some random guys in to get her and tell her - "Look, there has been NO change, please turn it down.  I really do NOT want to have to come back out here again."

We go back to bed.  And here comes the best part.  Not only is there no change, but LNL has the audacity (the SHEER brilliance) to actually come and KNOCK ON MY FREAKING DOOR at 1:15 in the morning to ask me if the music is now low enough.

At that exact moment I had the number dialed on my phone to the police, so she technically saved her party.  But after I chewed her out, I'm not sure she wouldn't have chosen the police if given the chance.

I was fuming!  Only the stupidest drunk person would think it's okay to knock on anyone's door at 1:15 AM to ask if they were being quiet enough now.  I mean, seriously?!

When I answered the door her and her boyfriend were standing there.  But as I ripped LNL a new one her boyfriend,, backed away down the hall and completely disappeared.  I'm pretty sure I scared the living daylights out of him - as I whisper shouted at her.  It went something like this -

Me - Are you freaking kidding me?  Are you seriously knocking on my door at 1:15 IN THE MORNING?

LNL - I just wanted to check and see if the music was better so you wouldn't have to come back over.

Me - There are 5 kids in my house right now.  (Hand held out with all my fingers up in her face to show 5)  3 of them are sleeping, and 2 cannot sleep because of your party. And you really think knocking on my door and almost waking EVERYONE up is the best solution to see if you're not making enough noise?

LNL - I just didn't want you to have to come back over.

Me - NO, the music hasn't changed one bit.  None of us can sleep and I am THIS CLOSE to calling the police.  Turn your music down NOW, this is the last time I am going to say anything to you.  And do not EVER knock on my door this late again EVER.


I guess the moral of this story is - cut to the chase and release the hounds of hell early.  If I'd have scared the crap out of her at 12:45 AM maybe we could have gotten to sleep earlier.  Because at 1:20 AM the music was but a whisper!  I could actually still hear the bass but she turned it WAAAAY down.

The other moral of the story is - hell hath no fury like Momma Bear Mode if you knock on my door with your drunk self at 1 AM in the morning.



  1. Way to go Momma Bear! I don't blame you for being extremely ticked!

    1. Thanks Dianna! I still have a sick feeling about it, I really do not want to fight with neighbors and would love to go make up with her. I hate having enemies. But I'm still too mad, lol. Maybe in a few days/weeks. :)