Sunday, January 20, 2013


Miles is already 2 and a half, where does the time go???  Before I know it, he'll be grown and I'll miss his chubby baby belly and the fact that he calls me Ahmeee.

So, in an attempt to remind my future self that it wasn't all baby giggles and cuddles -- I'd just like to record the messes we've cleaned up so far this weekend.  Starting Saturday morning to Sunday at 11 AM.

  • Miles pooped on the couch
  • Rocky peed in his crate
  • Rocky peed in the hallway

  • Miles peed the bed
  • Cats puked on Tony's phone
  • Cats puked in the closet
  • Cats peed outside the litter box (I stepped in it)
  • Miles spilled orange juice on the couch
  • Miles spilled coffee creamer from the fridge all over the kitchen floor

Sunday is really trying to kick our butt.  And it's not even half way over...

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