Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year

What a CRAZY whirlwind these past two weeks have been!  I don't even know where to begin.  I know where I want to begin though - with a nap!

For the last 2 weeks we've had the big kids with us for Christmas, and then for the last 3 days we had our one room loft packed to the max - with the big kids, Tony's parents and his 2 nephews staying for New Years.  Yup, you read that right - that would be a total of 9 people, 1 dog, 2 cats, and more toys than should be allowed in a 1 room loft with 1 bathroom for 3 days and 3 nights!  I would do it again in a heartbeat, we all had so much fun.  It's just that now I need about a month to recover.  And I'm deathly afraid to go home and face the mess that awaits me.

Still... totally worth it!

We just had SO.MUCH.FUN!!  And I mean -- the best holiday season I could ever imagine.  Festivus was a blast, we gave the kids waaaay too many toys, drank tons of hot chocolate, played in the snow, read lots of Thomas books and relaxed as much as possible.  I unplugged from blogging and checking Facebook and Instagram all the time- and only semi-stalked Facebook randomly through out the day.  And I can't even tell you the last time I checked Twitter!  And it was glorious!  I read the most ridiculous YA books that I'm too embarrassed to even admit to reading.  (YA books are my guilty pleasure.)

And then New Years was the cherry on top of our awesome holiday.  Tony's parents borrowed Tony's nephews from Austin for a few days and all the cousins got to play, play and play.  And play they did!  With their cousins and their Uncle!!

Izzy and Dylan (6) ran around like wild people!  And Corbin and Miles (who are only 1 month apart in age)  wow'd us with their adorableness!  They shared toys, hugs and germs like you wouldn't believe!  And it was every bit as cute as you can imagine!

How can you not make them take an adorable cousin bath!

Miles was devastated when everyone had to leave this morning.  Thankfully he got to go back to school today and it helped when he got to see his classmates and teacher again.  He has really started to love going to school and he no longer cries at all when I drop him off.  He just runs in to go play!  Thank GOODNESS!  

So now it's back to reality!  Whew!

I'm still trying to figure out my fancy new phone - but I've finally (thanks to my genius husband) found a way to get pictures off my phone and onto this-here-blog in a less painful fashion!  Hallelujah!  Because I was loosing my mind with that and it was stopping me from blogging.  So once I get it working 100% you can count on a lot more posts from me going forward!  In fact, I'm declaring More Blog Posts my New Years Resolution (shun... shun... shun...)!!!  (That was a dramatic echo, in case you were wondering.)

I have a ton of updates on Miles and just how big he's getting lately.  All the new words he says (which is no where even near as many as his cousin Corbin, but, as I kept telling Nick and Izzy, it's NOT a competition!!), how cute he is lately - and maybe the biggest change of all - the Sleep Training we are about to start tonight with Sound Sleepers help! I'll be blogging about it over at Dallas Moms Blog in the next few months as I've decided to keep writing for them on a regular basis.  I've really enjoyed the events, all the friends I've made and how awesome all those other moms are - so I'm glad they've agreed to let me stay on as part of the team!

So, I guess that's enough random info for one post! Happy New Year friends and family!  Hopefully yours started off as fun-filled and love-filled as ours did!

And hopefully it did not include telling off your drunk neighbors at 1:30 AM on 1/1/2013 and threatening to call the police while some girl throws up right down the hallway!  Good times.  More on that tomorrow.  :)


  1. Hahahaha can't wait for the drunk neighbor post!! :)


  2. Can't wait to read all about the sleep training!! Hope you get what you want from it!