Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Urban S'mores

Us Urbanites (without a yard) have to get creative sometimes. So this is how we do S'mores - Urban Style. They were delicious!

(Why I cut the candle out of every shot, I can't even begin to fathom. Please note - there were cool shots of a candle that I'm too lazy to redo!)

Last week I drove with my in-laws and Miles (tragically - Tony got stuck at work and couldn't come with us) to Farmington to visit my family and steal my mom to bring her back to TX. It's about a 14 hour drive (however it was 16 hours on the way back) - long and long. In fact, it's still too soon for me to talk about it.

We survived though!!

The trip was awesome, of course. I absolutely love my family and I miss them so much. I wish Miles was able to spend more time with them... they love him so much! And he LOVED them! He was spoiled beyond belief by his Aunties. They are just so sweet...

Sorry for the overload of pictures about to happen - I try and try to edit it down, but I just love them all! LOL

It's tradition for my dad to take his Grandsons for their first haircut. But we wanted to let the curls grow out some, so my dad got to take him for his 2nd haircut also! The curls were gorgeous, but they were starting to turn into dreadlocks. He looks like such a young man with his new hair - I love it!!

My dad took Miles to the park several times while we were there and they had the BEST time playing together. I'm gonna cry just thinking about how much Miles loves playing with his Papa... I wish they could play together more often...

It was awesome seeing my dad climbing up that playground-set and go down the slide. And Miles just about exploded with excitement every singe time he did it. TOO cute!

Auntie RoRo took Miles to Big Bounce and took him through the huge bounce areas! And again Miles had the BIGGEST smile on his face the entire time! He loves any activity where he can challenge his agility. I think it's time to start training for Ninja Warrior!

And last but not least here's a shot from my favorite place on earth - my mom's porch swing in her back yard! She loves to garden and takes such good care of her yard that it's beautiful back there. The weather was perfect and my porch-swing-partners were the best!

I already can't wait to go back. With Tony next time though, we really missed him. :(

PS - there's a video of that Zumba class that needs to be edited... but it should be finding it's way to the blog soon. You are welcome in advance for the laughs! :)


  1. Miles looks so cute with his haircut. I am glad you got to see your family.

  2. Ugh, I'm pretty sure grandmas back yard is my favorite place too! And I'd be lying if I didn't think it was Cassie's! Next to HER grandmas of course!