Saturday, September 22, 2012

Food Scale and 2 Success Stories

While in NM I stole/borrowed/took this food scale from my sister - Pinterest problems solved! And I've used it twice already with great success!!

My mom and I tried making the iced coffee again and this time it came out PERFECT! YUM!

Then I tried making a recipe I found on Pinterest for Peach Bars and they came out sooooo good!

On the drive back from NM my mom and I stopped at a cute fruit stand and picked up a bunch of apples and peaches -- so I wanted to find a yummy peach cobbler recipe. But in my search I ran across this recipe for Peach Bars. And any recipe with pecans in it wins!!

So we measured out the 2 lbs of peaches and made this delicious dessert!

The middle one is MINE!!

Alright Pinterest -- I'm on a roll -- what's next??

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  1. Yum!!! So glad the coffee recipe turned out better! Somehow moms always help recipes. :)