Monday, September 24, 2012


What happens when you bribe your child with suckers so often that he starts demanding them and even knows where they are hidden? And then he demands a sucker (or Ku-Un) all evening and you actually don't have any so he throws tantrum after tantrum as he gets more and more tired?

Red wine all over your white couch. That's what happens.

Sadly I didn't get picture of the red-wine couch because I went into full on panic mode to clean it. And it all cleaned up well, thank goodness.

Hope that kid in that picture up there enjoyed that sucker... 'cause that's his last for quite some time.

I mean - until he's screaming in public again... probably.


  1. Hahajaha! We all say we aren't gonna do it! But I find the phrase "I'll give you a ( insert sugary substance here) if you ( insert what I need from her here) come out of my mouth much more often than is probably healthy!

  2. The only thing I can pretty much bribe Dylan with is gum. And yesterday I found a chewed up piece just sitting in my cupholder in the sequoia....eeww! Miles does look so cute sitting on the couch with his he is thinking "yep, I'm awesome" =)