Thursday, August 9, 2012

Instagrid Party

Lately I've been looking for new blogs to read.  I'm in desperate need of inspiration!  One of my new favorites happens to be a neighbor/teacher/photographer who is currently living in our other friend's loft (renting).  What a small, fun, world!  Her blog Just-Breath, Stacy is fun and full of beautiful pictures.  It's reminding me of what life was like before having to fight with our HOA to let our child swim in the rooftop pool (that's a fun story for later... when all the anger  rage has subsided). 

Stacy just got engaged and you must go read her love story because it's about the most amazing love story you will ever hear - and when it gets made into a movie you will be able to say that you read about it back-when!  And trust me, it SHOULD be made into a movie.

Anyway - Stacy does this super fun link up that I've been stalking for a while and am finally going to take the plunge!  I've never done a link up before... hope I can figure out what I'm doing!  :)

                                           Instagrid Party

1. Miles turned 2 and had a fun, easygoing birthday party!  He got a skateboard and loves it so much he wants to sleep with it! 
2. Bev and Tony at a work happy hour!  BB (before baby) we used to go to happy hour once a week (at least).  We still try to go as much as possible.  This is them saying hi to our other friends who used to join us but are now too busy lame... :)  just kidding, but seriously - come out!
3. This is what Miles gets to do when he spends his mornings with Lyndsay and her boys.  Can you say - luckiest boy in the world?!
4. Tony and Miles at the park on a leisurely Sunday morning.
5. Isn't that turd cute?  Why he's plugging his ears, I have no clue.... but it cracks me up!
6. This picture I stole from Rhonda Williams - who took it at a friend's Morrocan Pool party over the weekend.  We didn't even see her take this picture, but I absolutely adore it!
7. Miles playing a dangerous game with his daddy.  That's how he lives - on the wild side!
8. The sunrise this morning was amazing... sadly pictures never do it justice.  But I love the reflection of this one in the car hood!
9. I have been desperate for a healthier/good breakfast lately - so I found some ideas on Pinterest and put this together last night for Tony and me.  It was so delish!  Tomorrow is oatmeal and blueberries!  Can't wait!!

                                        Share your own Instagrid and link up with Anna's blog below! 

Did I do that right?  lol


  1. Yes you totally did it right and it's such a fun way to meet new bloggers and have them find your page!

    Thank you so much for the kind words, you are quite awesome yourself!

    I can't wait for the rage filled post about the pool battles for little Miles. Ridiculous!

    Love #6 what a cool photo!

  2. I have yet to start using instagram, but I think I will have to take the plunge soon! I am all caught up on your blog now so you won't get any more comments from me on old posts!

    PS I am eager to hear the HOA/pool story!

    1. So excited to have a new reader! Thanks for taking the time to read all my old stuff... I'm still working on yours - I think you have significantly more than me in your archives. :) But I'll get there... HOA/pool story soon - I was hoping they'd resolve something by now, but it's still hanging. Maybe I'll just do a part 1 for now...

    2. Careful... once you join Instagram you *might* just become obsessively addicted! It's scary how fun it is! I'm amandamlauro on there if you join! :)

  3. That sunrise is gorgeous! So happy you stopped by the instagrid party :)

    1. Thanks! It's such a fun party!! :)