Monday, August 20, 2012


I feel like I'm playing Russian Roulette with all these mosquito bites.... but the bite that's currently driving me insane is the ant bite on my pinky toe. It's swollen and hard and itching like crazy. Ugh. Really makes me hate nature.

On the other hand, I've been editing photos (on my iPhone - photographers everywhere just cried/died a little) for this post and remembering all the fun and beauty from while camping and that helps the hatred subside a little. Maybe once the itching stops I'll be ready for another camping trip.

Because we had so much fun! I used to go camping with my family in the mountains of Colorado all the time, but camping in TX is so very different. In the summer you MUST have a cabin or air-conditioning of some kind. We had a cabin. It wasn't anything fancy at all, but it was cool and nice. Also, it had a stove and fridge and dock right on a small lake and - okay, yes we are spoiled city-folk campers. And I'm not afraid to say it - I prefer camping the spoiled way.

Since we were all in one big room sleeping almost on top of each other, when Miles woke up at the butt-crack of dawn each morning the 4 of us (including Rocky) headed out early to explore the campground. Which was SO nice! The weather was perfect and it was really nice family time for us.

On our trip we met a colt wandering around looking adorable. He was so friendly. I named him Spartacus. Tony wouldn't let me bring him home.

There was a cute little playground area that Miles had a blast playing on! He is fearless on these things!

Saturday it decided to torrential downpour on us, but from the patio the rain was absolutely gorgeous! The power went out in the cabin so we watched a movie on the iPad on the patio, drank beer and watched Miles open and close the patio door a million times!

This little guy is Spencer... he took refuge with us on the patio from the rain and then decide to stay and join the party! I wouldn't be surprised to find him in the suitcase I have yet to unpack.

Well, technicaly I'd be very surprised by him, just not surprised that he followed me home...

Thankfully the power was back on within two hours - plenty of time for us to cook up some dinner and get ready for a s'mores fire!

On a related note - I didn't know I could unhinge my jaw that wide until this picture!

Sunday we spent most of at the 'beach' and it was so much fun. Even if I did have to swim with fish touching me (something I was none-to-happy with at first). They had a super fun water slide and two jump/diving platforms. The high jump didn't look too bad until... until you were up there ready to jump and then looked down and saw your entire life flash before your eyes. Nothing motives one like an entire lake full of people (including a 21 month old little girl in floaties) yelling at you to "jump already, you can do it"!!

I eventually did jump. Twice actually. And it was exhilarating and horrifying all at the same time!

Joe and Raquel didn't join us in the water - so this shot is sans 2 of our party, but what a fun party it was!

And this last picture are two random pretty ones I just wanted to add.

Who's in for the next camping trip?!

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