Friday, August 24, 2012


I don't talk about how hard it is to have Miles growing up so far away from all my family very often -- because if I do I'll spend the rest of the day bawling. Tony's parents are awesome and I'm so grateful for all they do and how much they love Miles. And thank goodness they are here. But sometimes a girl just needs her own mom and dad. Also, it doesn't help that they are such AWESOME grandparents! Seriously - they've had lots of practice and they LOVE their grandkids!

We don't get to see them as often as we'd like - but we are planning a trip soon (hopefully). In the mean time - we have this blog and Skype.

We Skyped last night and it was SO much fun. Bittersweet, because I want Miles to hug and kiss on Nana and Papa and his Aunties, but at least they can watch him being cute.

And he was being extra cute last night! For some reason he got the idea to pull my face in and give me a kiss. Of course, when he did this for the camera - Nana, Papa and Auntie RoRo clapped and cheered... and that set the precedent for the whole call. All he wanted to do was impress everyone by giving me kiss after kiss after kiss. He was a smooching machine! And he had everyone clapping and cheering for 30 minutes.

I was in baby-cuddle-smoochie-heaven! :)

I can't wait for Miles to give his Nana and Papa kisses too!!!

We love you guys! Mom, hope you got that email with the link in it! :)

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  1. Your parents are just the sweetest!