Friday, August 3, 2012

Birthday Boy and His Skateboard

I never celebrated my birthday growing up (religious reasons) so I'm not much of a stickler for birthday traditions and making a big hoopla out of them. (Does anyone even say hoopla anymore? Let's bring it back!) For Miles' first bday I wanted to do something fun and special, so we had a party for friends and family! I felt like 1 was a big accomplishment! But for 2.... ??? I don't know, I just wasn't excited about throwing a huge party and all the work that entails. I didn't want to spend money on a party that he won't even care about or remember.

Or, maybe I'm just lazy.

Either way... we decided on a simple family dinner with presents. We had the kids and Tony's parents and grandparents came. Lyndsay and Brandon and their boys came too... Miles is growing up with them now, so they are my honorary TX family! And it was PERFECT! The kids played, wore party hats, sang Happy Birthday. Miles opened several small presents and he was thrilled!

He loves all his new toys, and goes back and forth between his new Little People's airplane (SO fun) and his Boat bath toy (we took it in the bath finally last night and he played in there forever!). But the clear winner of the presents is his new skateboard his daddy bought him! There's a Backyardigains episode called the Magic Skateboard where Tyrone is learning to ride and falls off his board a lot. So Miles loves to put one foot on the board and then fall on his bottom and laugh. It's probably the cutest thing ever in the history of the world!

But besides pretending to fall, Miles is really impressing us with his riding skills! He's been going back and forth behind the couch with one hand on the couch to stabilize him while he pushes himself all around. Last night Tony was trying to teach him some basics. It was precious!

He loves his skateboard so much he tried to bring it to bed with him on his birthday and cried so hard when I had to take it away...

Just note, if you come over to our place any time soon - watch out for your ankles! :)

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  1. Thanks for including us!! We had fun! Miles is alreay a great skateboarder!!!!!