Monday, June 11, 2012

Random Rambling

We are now on day 2 without a nap... and I'm wondering if I should start to worry. It's just so hard to know if this is just a phase or if my child, who already hates to sleep, has just decided that he's over it. He's not even TWO! I know that I LOATHED nap time when I was a child. I wonder if my mother put some type of voodoo curse on me when I was young. Maybe she quietly whispered "I hope someday you have a kid just like you," and because she really wished that upon me -- it came true. Thanks a lot mom! I hope you're happy! :)

In other news, things are about to get crazy here at Casa Lauro. I hope. Our house is on the market, but it has been for a few months. BUT, it seems like the showings are starting to pick up. And today a realtor told me that she had 4 calls on our place just today. Please, oh please, let it sell. We just really want to be someplace closer to Nick and Izzy. It seriously breaks our hearts to move out of downtown and back to suburbia (I'm about to cry just thinking about it) but it's really the right thing to do. Plus... we are tossing around the idea to start maybe talking about possibly having another kid (don't get any ideas, it's merely a thought at this point) and we just cannot fit another living soul in this loft. SO, suburbia here we come! I hope!! Miles needs a yard. Rocky need a yard. It'll be better for so many reason. If you know of any cool hip people looking for the best loft in downtown, let me know!

Another exciting new venture for me, I will be starting a new job soon. A friend is opening a Pilates Studio in North Plano/Frisco at Preston and 121 and I will be a trainer/instructor there!! It's an AWESOME workout and I'm really excited to start training! It'll only be part time, hopefully 20 hours a week, so it's EXACTLY what I've been hoping and praying for. The place is called Ultimate Pilates and you should definitely check out the website because yours truly designed it. (My husband helped a little :)). The grand opening is set for June 30th, but they are going to have some "soft opening" specials in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned to get some great workout deals, should you be interested. Or follow us on Twitter and Facebook. I'm tweeting and facebooking and promise not to be annoying... kinda... :)

So, will all that on the horizon I've been really trying to focus on Miles and fun things to do with him during the day. The Pilates training will only be part time, but still things are gonna change, and change can always be hard. Today we picked up some fun stuff for the Swag Bags for the Dallas Moms Blog - Mom's Night Out in Frisco (I'm super excited for it). While we were up there, Miles and I checked out the Stonebriar Mall and had fun playing at the Barnes and Noble in the kids section. He played with the trains for a while until I remembered the fun carousal! He rode one at Taste of Addison and LOVED it, so I knew he'd have a blast!!

Sorry for the terrible quality pictures... it's hard to get a good shot while trying to hold a squirmy toddler on a horse AND not throw up because I'm old and get dizzy WAY easier than I used to. But can you tell he's having a blast? I just love my little non-sleeper! :)


  1. This won't make you feel better but Andrew was DONE with naps by his second birthday. I tried hard, but he wouldn't even fall asleep in the car. Maybe every once in a while if he was up early, but it was rare. The plus? Miles should go to bed a little earlier and you can still have a middle of the day quiet time! :)

    1. Haha... thanks Meagan! Miles has never been much of a sleeper so we might be in the same boat. He's taken a VERY short 30 minute nap the last two days, so I'm scared. I guess I should start working on quiet time, but I don't think Miles knows what the word quiet means. :)