Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Feel Dumb

We finally decided to check out the Children's Museum at Fair Park yesterday... and I feel so dumb that we haven't been until now. I mean - really, really dumb. Miles absolutely loved it. He ran from room to room to room, climbed, grabbed, played, stacked, nocked things over, got dirty, got wet -- got exhausted (and napped finally -- WHOO HOO!) -- I mean he LOVED it!

The Children's Museum is at the Museum of Nature and Science at Fair Park... which happens to be only 5 minutes from our house. Why we haven't been before is beyond me! Did I mention that I feel dumb? It was just so much fun and nice and cool inside and we cannot wait to go back!

I hardly even know where to begin when explaining this place because we walked straight downstairs to the "Children's Museum" and passed so many other awesome kid friendly stuff - that I'm not really sure what makes the bottom level any better for "children" than the top. We were meeting friends down there so we passed the balloon artist, the magic school bus with TONS of different rooms of exhibits and fun places for Miles to run around in. We even passed a walking dinosaur! He waved at us.

Once downstairs Miles was off and didn't slow down for 2 hours straight. And we STILL didn't see everything down there. I honestly feel like we could spend YEARS there and not see it all.

Miles started in the firetruck and fell in love! He drove that thing around and saved lives for a while..

Then he noticed the next room and took off! There were blocks to stack, legos, fun mirrors, a music area, and lots of learning to be done.

We stacked and built nocked things down until curiosity led Miles to the next room where he was rewarded with is favorite sensory table - water! This kid loves to splash in the water!

And he LOVES to quack with the duckies!!

Surprisingly he (eventually) tired of the water table and found a new room to play in. I've never seen him play with a doll before, but he was very interested in this realistic looking one. He even fed him a bottle!

There are SO many other rooms and pictures I could post, but I've already posted so many! In fact, as soon as we got home my phone just shut down - overwhelmed by the amount of photos on it. It refused to turn on until I downloaded all the pictures and deleted them from my phone. True story.

But here's one last photo of my baby playing in the sand. I think even he would have a hard time picking his favorite table/room there!

We loved it there so much that we immediately went back to the front desk and got the family membership. I really want to take Nick and Izzy with Miles this summer. And the membership will pay for itself in 2 family trips there! It's good for a year - but the really exciting part is that the membership will have to be suspended in September when they close the exhibits at Fair Park. They will be closed from September until January when the NEW museum at Victory Park opens. Then the membership will resume with an EXTRA 3 months! And we will automatically be members of the BRAND SPANKING NEW AWESOME MUSEUM!

Can you tell I'm a little excited about that? Until then we will be headed back to Fair Park as much as possible. Who's with us??

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