Friday, June 15, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

Between blogging here and over at DMB, finding things to do with Miles (and blog about), starting a new job (tweeting, Facebooking, and keeping up the website for said new job), training for new job (all weekend this weekend), DMB Moms Night Out last night (was SO much fun), and trying to keep the house clean to show to sell (I'm currently failing miserable at that part) things have been one crazy hectic roller-coaster around here! A fun roller-coaster, yes... but pretty crazy!!

Here's a glimpse into what we've been up to all week.

Tony and Miles helping paint the logo for UP this week

This boy STILL loves Belo Garden!

He loves his belly so much... the second he's in his carseat he has to rub his belly all over... and over again!

Last night's Mom's Night Out event for the Dallas Moms Blog was a HUGE success. We had tons of give aways, lots of yummy food and desserts, wine and tons of fun! I got my hydro-massage and Tony can't wait to Float at The Float Spot in Frisco!! It was so nice to meet all the moms who read the blog and make new friends. I can't wait for the next one!

I got home and watched about 15 minutes of TMZ with my feet up last night before passing out... it was a nice break, but this weekend is packed full of training. We start tonight and end Sunday afternoon. Then we'll pick up Nick and Izzy to celebrate Father's day! We have some fun stuff planned for Monday and Tuesday for the kids (the wave at Adrenalina in the Willow Bend Mall and a trip to the Science Museum at Fair Park) so I can't wait!

Then it's off to work for me! I'm so excited to start working at UP! I'm nervous too, but mostly excited! Did you notice all the exclamation points up in here?? Yes, I'm THAT excited!! I hope people take my classes...


  1. Hi there. We met a couple of weeks ago at the park (Commerce/Main). I'm Barbie and I have a red-headed crazy 2-yr-old named Owen. I had to let you know that the craziest thing happened today at our Parent/child swim class... I mentioned to the instructor that we recently moved into a loft and she mentioned that she knew a couple that live in a loft downtown... Turns out it was you! It's a small world, even in Dallas. :) I think her boyfriend is friends with your husband. Her name is Liz.

    1. Hi Barbie, I'm so sorry, I've been so bad neglecting my blog lately. I just started a new job, so things have been crazy!! It's so funny, I say all the time that Tony knows everyone in Dallas. It's like the 6 degrees of seperation with him. Lol. If it's the same Liz that I think it must be, her boyfriend's name is Ryan. :) Tell them we said hi! lol... also, where are you taking swim lessons from? I need a good place to take Miles!!!

  2. Hi Amanda. Owen and I were taking parent-child swim classes through the city of Dallas Aquatics dept. at a pool off Harry Hines... can't remember the name right now. We went in June and were about to start our July classes when owen BROKE HIS LEG on Monday. He was just playing and fell funny and broke his femur in half. OMG. We spent the day at Children's hospital and now he's in a body cast to immobilize his hips and his broken leg (the good leg is also in a cast to the knee). So much for the rest of our summer! We'll be hanging out at home and watching lots of TV. :( Hope you have a great finish to your summer!

    1. OMGosh!! A broken LEG!?! That sounds HORRIBLE! I'm so so SO sorry for poor Owen... :( And for you, I can't imagine... :(

      If you guys need a change of scenery any time, let me know - we love TV! I just started working part time, but I'm home most afternoons. Maybe you and Owen could come over for a play date! My email is amandalauro at gmail dot com.