Friday, June 8, 2012

Photo a Day June

A friend posted a fun idea on Facebook I decided to give it a shot! (See what I did there? Pun totally intended!) I'm absolutely no photographer (as if you couldn't tell) but this actually is inspiring me to pick up the real camera and try to learn a little something.

But until then you have to deal with my lame iPhone photo's that have been Instagrammed to high-holy-hell. Enjoy.

Hashtag - morning. I must, must, must, have a cup of coffee in the mornings to survive, and this is my favorite cup. It's a set of 4 that spell out LOVE in different colored cups, and I love this burnt orange color...

#empty -- This was happenstance - the car was completely on E and then we decided to drive it in the wrong direction for brunch that day. It got down to one 1 mile left and we pulled into the gas station!

#onyourplate - Not the fanciest meal, but it's one of our favorites here. Salad with chicken nuggets and vinegar. I'll be completely honest though - I also pour a tiny bit of ranch for flavor! :)

#close-up -- In 2008 I wrecked my scooter (a beautiful silver LX150) and broke both of my wrists (the bone popped out of one of them), broke my left foot, and cut up my knees and legs so badly that they needed surgery to stitch them back up. Both my wrists needed metal rods put in them, so the scars look like I've tried to kill myself. Rest assured, I've only ever tried to kill other people. Ha, just kidding. :) It was pretty crazy at the time, but I feel like I've earned those scars and I'm oddly proud of them.

#sign -- I totally cheated on this one and screen captured an old video I had take on Miles signing for more milk. I don't have any pictures of him signing, so I'm very glad I did. I'm so proud my little smarty pants!

#hat -- this one was hard. I took a shot of a guy in the rain with his briefcase on his head, but it was far away and kinda blurry, so I was stoked when I saw this Bridezilla with her Bride hat. We are totally addicted to watching these insane women make fools of themselves. Each one tries to top the other one and it's so hard to believe that anyone would marry them. It's a train wreck and we just can't look away. hashtag - guiltypleasure...

#drink - Yesterday was Thirsty Thursday at Urban Taco - drinks are half price -- and I LOVE their margaritas! So we made a date night out of it! Thanks #PhotoADayJune for the reminder!!

And this is the plan in case you wanna jump in. I'm gonna try to update the blog every week with the pictures I have taken. Or, follow me on Instagram if you want to see them any sooner - @amandamlauro

Happy Friday Everyone!

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