Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Working Girl

It's official.  I'm making the transition from 'stay at home mom' to 'working mom'.  I start on Monday doing refi's again. (So if you have a mortgage and need a lower interest rate -- call me, I'll get you a good deal!  :))

Of course going back to work is a huge adjustment.  Am I doing the right thing?  How will Miles do at daycare?  How will I do when I have to drop him off?  Thankfully I toured half a dozen places and called a dozen more and found an awesome spot!  It's a Montessori school 5 minutes from my office.  There were several places that I liked, but here the teacher took time to talk to me and make me feel so comfortable.  She was informative and nice, the classroom was clean and huge.  Miles played while we talked and he cried when we left and I'm taking that as a good sign!

I think Miles is definitely ready to be around other kids and play and learn.  I'm ready to make some money and get my hair dyed at the salon instead of from a box at home.  It'll be good for everyone!

I will do my best to keep up the blogging at lunch and in the evenings!  And of course... to appease my mother (since you're the only one reading this) (oh and -- HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM, sorry it's a day late) here are some new pictures!

I love the wake of books he leaves behind him!  And his little tongue sticking out in the last picture... just like his daddy!


  1. Congrats on your new job! and yes, please keep up your blogging!!! =)

  2. How was your first day back in the working world?!