Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Eventful Weekend

This weekend was eventful!  Saturday we spent at the skate park celebrating Tony's friend's graduation! 
Congratulations Houston!
It was fun and exhausting running after Miles as he crawled all over GOD knows what out there.  All the other skate wives had their kids out too, so Miles had a BLAST! 

Sunday we finally go to go to the Scarborough Renaissance Fair.  Since we didn't dress up, I made us take these awesome pictures!!

Me and My Wench!

Bday Wench!
Tony got to show off his mad ax throwing skills! 

And we ended the day with.... TURTLE RACES!!  Yup, they were as boring as you can imagine!  LOL!
And since I'm sure you're thinking, what about Miles??  This is what he did while we were gone!!  :)

I'm standing!
So proud of myself!
Look at that big boy standing all on his own.  He's been pulling up on the couches and tables lately... so bring on the walking!! 

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