Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Pictures

Every time we talk about moving to the 'burbs (which we talk about any time Miles' toys overrun the living room or any time we visit a friend's backyard and I get jealous) we have an awesome weekend in the city and we change our minds.

This weekend there was some music festival at Main Street Garden's park and we had fun walking around watching the Hula dancers and drinking the free Monster drinks they were handing out!

I don't think Miles likes his Monster drink.

After lunch at some pizza place (big surprise)
Then we headed to the Meyerson Symphony Center to play in their water feature.  Nick was a little hot and grumpy, but the rest of us had a BLAST!

Ahhh... cool water

I love the way he looks at Izzy!  He loves her so much!

Splashing Daddy!

So sweet

The kids are ready to get home, but I keep making them pose... lol

To cool off from the heat we headed up to the pool as soon as we got home.  This was the first time Miles got all the way in!! 

Sadly it was a tad too cold, so we ended up sitting out playing with toys most of the time!

Say cheese!
And check out who's already a ham for the camera!

Hunka Hunka Burning Love
Sadly, I put the camera away for our lazy Sunday.  But it turned out to be a lovely Mothers Day!  We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, Miles gave me kisses and zerburts all morning, Tony gave me flowers and a book that I had my eye on.  Izzy gave me coupons for a diaper change (potty only), to take out the trash, wash the clothes and watch Miles crawl!  She is just TOO sweet!  I don't think I could have asked for anything more!

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