Monday, May 2, 2011

Downward Facing Dog

Like I've mentioned before, Miles is going to be smart in spite of us.  He taught himself how to wave before we even thought to teach him.   And now -- YOGA?

He keeps doing this pose and we can't figure out why.  Whatever his reason, it's pretty darn cute!

We took him to the pool on Saturday before the rain hit.  It was a tad chilly so we only put his feet in, but he had a blast splashing and kicking!  Hopefully next weekend we can finally get in.  I'm dying for some sun!

The rest of the weekend was insanely lazy.  With all the rain all we could be motivated to do was lay around and watch Netflix and order Chinese food.  As much as my legs need some sun I cannot complain about the lazy Sunday. 

Definitely another successful weekend! 


  1. That's awesome! Ours babies are so <><><><><><>!

  2. What a cute little yoga baby!!!! Awww, I miss him! I need to come up there and give him a squeeze!!