Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I really wish I could put last weekend on repeat and just redo the whole thing at least one more time... it was so perfect and wonderful!  I'm not sure what made it so perfect, but the combination of the following totally worked for us.

Grilling on the pool
Letting the kids jump in and splash us
Putting my and Miles toes in the water
Drinking margaritas
Watching hours and hours of special features of Harry Potter 7 pt 1
Donuts for breakfast
Bookclub and wine
More pool, toes and splashing
Dinner at Gramaldi's with good friends

What a perfect start to summer!! 

Miles loves his brother and sister

I can't wait to take Miles in the pool this weekend!!  Hopefully we'll get it on video.  He seemed a little scared when the kids kept jumping in, but he loves his bath so much.  We'll see!! 

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