Saturday, April 16, 2011

London Part 2 -- Favorite Spots

There were so many places to fall in love with in London!  And I'm not gonna lie, most of them were pubs! Here are some pictures from our favorite spots. 

One of the great things about London - you can drink on the streets!  And because of the beautiful weather during the weekend we were there it was very common to find the inside of the bar empty and the streets FULL of people.  This picture was taken on Monday lunch outside a pub near Tony's work.  On Friday night the entire street was full of people drinking.  On Monday at lunch, only half the street.

The Phoenix Pub
This is the pub Tony's co-workers took us to on my first night there.  They told us it was the first Pub in London, it makes them feel better for patronizing the "emptiest" pub in London.
Home of my first pint in London
On Saturday we took the tubes to Holborn and walked towards Piccadilly Circus to do some shopping.

On the way we found this awesome little shop and I fell in love!

happie loves it.  so do i.
A Korean and Japanese couple living in London design the clothes in here.  I wanted to buy everything!
So cute I could die!
After shopping till we dropped (our first H & M was 4 stories and exhausting) we found this awesome pub in Soho and had the most awesome bartender!  She was so sweet and the pub was so cool, definitely worth going back to next time we're there. 

Nothing goes with shopping like a pint of Timothy Taylor.

Timothy Taylor is also Madonna's favorite London ale
Sunday we took the bus tour and got off to walk along the Thames (pronounced Tems, like gems). 

I love books!
We got in line for the Eye, but my fear of heights, the ridiculously long line, and our hunger made us change our minds.  We stopped for a sushi lunch instead.  This was our view. 

Okay... since that's a ton of pictures already I'll have to finish up the rest of our trip tomorrow.  The best is yet to come!  :)

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  1. Oh my word, love love love these pics too!!! Looks like sooo much fun! Wish I had been there with you too!!! =) Still waiting on your post on all the FAB clothes you bought! Happie Loves It looks AMAZING!!!!