Thursday, April 21, 2011

London Part 3 - The end

I've gotten a bit sidetracked this week... but here are the rest of our London pictures.  I saved the best for last!!  ***Edited***

This pub is The George Inn (which I keep calling The Boy George Inn because that's just how my mind works).  It's allegedly the oldest pub in London.  Since it was rebuilt in the early 1500's, I think I believe them.

Please ignore the random people...
The patio was nice, but it was a tad to chilly for my TX blood!
mmmmm... beer!

On Monday night we decided to bar hop!  We started at the Boy George Inn and then walked all over trying to find the pub they used in Harry Potter as the Leaky Cauldron. Eventually we found it and had some pints... but like dorks, we only got a picture of us inside.

It was dark out, so it's not like you could have seen much!
And right now I can't even remember the name of it, but the bartenders told us that they film a lot on the street and around the corner is where they filmed some scenes for Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrel's!  Which is another favorite British movie you have to rush out to see if you haven't already. 

After more pints we were off to find a place to eat.  I think I mentioned that eating in London isn't like eating in the US.  The chances that you are going to pay way too much money for some crap food is just so high.  But somehow right around the corner from The Leaky Cauldron was this awesome place where we had the best Tapas!

If you ever go to London you must find this place and enjoy!

After enjoying Tapas and more wine we were pretty much ready for bed. So we hopped on a couple of tubes and found our way back home.  And even though we didn't do anything crazy, this was definitely our favorite night in London.  We drank and laughed, got lost, made friends, ate delicious tapas and found The Leaky Cauldron.  It was perfect!

As for Monday and Tuesday, while Tony was working I got to enjoy a few of my favorite things.

I sat on these benches and read while the sun was out
***Edited to add... I forgot that some guy came up and asked if he could take a picture of me for his school project The Peach Garden Fund  I'm still not sure what the website is for, but here's me reading my iPad!

When it started getting chilly I found a pub to read in!
So proud of myself for finding this H & M all on my own on Tuesday! 
Lastly I just want to mention the coffee.  Several people told Tony that he HAD to go to Cafe Nero and get the caramel coffee.  Except, being the busy and important traveling businessman that he is, he forgot the name and we went to Costa Coffee instead.  Here we are, preparing for the BEST caramel coffee of our life!  We got pictures of the beautiful display even.

Costa Coffee was just okay.  Nothing special.  Now, Cafe Nero?  That really was some amazing caramel coffee!

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