Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dallas City Hall

Yesterday City Hall tried something new.  Apparently they want the area in front of City Hall to be a fun gathering place for people working downtown to eat and hang out. 

It really is beautiful here!
So they set up food stands and games...


and then forced all their employees out in their business suits to fly kites and play Frisbee.  (if you click on the picture it'll enlarge and you can see the Frisbee)

It was weird, to say the least.  All these forced smiles and people in full business suits trying to play like little kids. 

The weather didn't help much either...

Miles thought it was all hilarious. 
These people are silly momma!

The best (or worst) was the band playing.  At one point they started singing and even they thought they sounded horrible.  You can see the singers laughing... and if you make it to the end of the video, you can even see Miles laugh at them... 

I give them an A for effort... but I suggest they work on it a little...

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