Monday, January 10, 2011

Nana and Papa

Nana and Papa are finally here... and I don't think we'll let them leave!  Miles just ADORES them.  He seriously cannot get enough of them and it is going to break both our hearts when they leave tomorrow.  :(  

But in there mean time here are some fun pictures of Miles and Papa playing with the adorable dancing monkey that his Aunt Tricia bought him.  I think it's safe to say that he LOVES it! 

I don't know who I love more - Papa or this dancing monkey

Oh monkey, you crack me up!

I love you monkey friend!

And here's a video of how very much he does love it!

My parents are troopers I tell you.  We've been on several walks around Dallas.  On Thursday we walked all the way to Victory Plaza where my mother finally found her glasses.  

Thankfully it was lovely out!

We've had fun playing the Kinect!
She only allowed this pictures because she looks so skinny!
And watching John Wayne movies (I had no idea they were all so good!)  
And we couldn't watch all those John Wayne movies without Papa buying his grandson some cowboy boots!
Look out -- I'm a tough guy!

These boots are good for walking!
Well... they can't fly home if I refuse to take them to the airport!!!  Muah ha ha ha ha ha ha...

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  1. Oh my, how precious, what a cutie!! He is so much FUN, can't wait to see him this weekend (hopefully?). Do LOVE those boots and the monkey too!!