Thursday, January 13, 2011


Having fun at The Galleria mall
Well, my parents have gone home and we could not be more sad.  :(  Miles misses them terribly because his mean mommy doesn't hold him all day.  I miss them terribly because I desperately need to take a shower!  And because they are just so much fun to have around.  We've been finding toothpicks all around the house as reminders that they were here just a few short days ago. 

My dad is going to be so mad he left these!
My father never leaves home without one.

I remember my sister being so devastated when my parents would leave TX after they'd visit us here when her son was little and I didn't really understand it at the time.  I was sad to see them leave, but I knew I'd see them again soon and I'd talk to them in probably just a few hours.  But now I completely understand.  Watching Miles with them just warms my heart like nothing else.  He loves them so much and they love him even more.  So having them leave and not be here every day to see him grow is very sad.  All the more reason for this blog and all the pictures I insist on posting on here.  I promise to keep up with it.  I cannot let my family miss out on all the wonderful little things Miles does day to day.  Even this fun noise he likes to make when he's mad!  :)

So, with my parents leaving this marks the end of the holidays for us.  Since I don't really celebrate Christmas (although we do give presents to the kids and enjoy being lazy and having time off of work for Tony) I didn't really have much to post.  We had Nick and Izzy for the holidays.  They stayed a week with us and we had a week full of video games, much playing on the computer and days and days of not even getting out of our pjs.  It was so nice, but a lot more work for me than I expected it to be (hence my lack of posts).  Miles, however, was greatly spoiled by his sister never letting him cry for even a minute.  She would stop playing her video game to pick him up while I was doing laundry or the three times as many dishes as normal (can kids ever use the same glass twice? :)).  Izzy is too sweet though and such a great big sis!  But I'm afraid she created a monster that my parents made even worse!  But if I can't spoil him now...when can I?

While we were off, I made a delicious ham for dinner.  Complete with scalloped potatoes (from scratch!), rolls, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole and mac and cheese!  I was Martha-freakin-Stewart and everyone was impressed, but none more than me.

The highlight of the presents this year was, by far, the Kinect!  We've had way to much fun playing Kinect games.  Thanks to Bill, my brother-in-law, for forcing us to get one! :)  Thanks even more for the WAY too many games you sent for us to play on it.  Whenever my husband comes out from the glow of the Xbox, I'm sure he will thank you also.

And now back to just Miles and me home by ourselves.  I see many cold walks in our future to get us out of the house so Miles can see another person's face besides my own.

Somebody save me from these crazy people!!

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