Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Life Teaches You Something New Every Day... aka - How Miles Made a Liar out of Me

Of course the second I was done with that last post Miles' eyes popped open and he refused to go to sleep until 1am in the morning... and then the ONLY way he would sleep was on my chest. We tried everything - walking with him, bouncing him, nursing him, passing him back and forth between us, rocking him. We even tried the last resort - EMERGENCY ONLY tool - the magic blow dryer, which has never failed us. It failed.
Basically he kept falling asleep and seconds later his eyes would pop open and he would scream and cry because he was so tired. It is just so frustrating when he's that upset and nothing will console him. All I can figure is that -one- he got himself so worked up that he couldn't figure out how to calm down, relax and sleep. And -two- this living in a one room loft is not easy on the bedtimes.
Here's a cool Google Sketchup that my husband did to give you the gist of our space --
It's just one big room. The kids/baby's room is to the far right, but there is no door, just a curtain. So, for the most part, Miles is in the rest of the house with us all the time. At night he sleeps in a bassinet by our bed still. So bedtime is usually just whenever he's tired or when we are ready for bed. Miles still eats on a 'when he's hungry' schedule, which means our schedule is non-existent. And, while that's nice for now because we can still go hang out at friends houses and go out to eat when we want - I know the dream won't last. Miles needs a schedule and a regular bedtime. For our sanity, we all do.

Last night was better... we are definitely on the right track. He slept a lot in the evening, then was down from midnight to 7 am. Nap this morning at 10 am. If he can take smaller naps during the day, we might be able to have a decent bedtime and have him sleep longer tonight! That's my goal anyway... we'll see what he thinks about it.

Wish me luck!

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