Wednesday, October 27, 2010

And There He Goes

Guess who has a new trick up his sleeve.

It all started with this new trick he learned

He is just turning in to such a big boy.  Then yesterday I noticed him kicking himself up out of his bouncy seat when he was getting fussy.  He planted his right foot down and pushed himself face first into the seat!

Ut oh... looking dangerous. 
So when I layed him in his crib to finish getting ready he was not happy.  He cried and cried, then planted his right foot again and pushed.  And then pushed and pushed.  I could tell what was about to happen so I just watched him scream and fuss and -- FLOP he was over.  My 12 week and 3 days old baby just learned to roll over.  

And let me tell you -  he LOVES his new trick.  Any time I'm holding him now and he gets slightly bored he's throwing his body around.  No clue where he's going, but he is going there and NOW thank you very much.  If he's sitting facing me he kicks both feet and throws himself back.  

I just can hardly get over this milestone... it's so amazing to watch this tiny little meatball go from laying there watching the world going on to a baby on the move.  And I know he's not actually crawling away or anything yet, but this changes everything.  I can no longer leave him on the changing table while I run to the bathroom.  He needs to be strapped in to the bouncy and swing.  

But I think the biggest change is that this means it's time to move him to his crib. He's been sleeping in the bassinet by our bed and last night we put him to sleep in his crib. I can just tell it's only a matter of time before he kicks out of that thing.  And even though the crib is barely 30 steps down the hall it felt so far away.  Would I hear him and wake up quick enough?  Was it cold or warm in there?  Did he miss me as much as I missed him?  

Of course he was just fine and we made it.  But all these milestones are just so bitter sweet.  I already miss my tiny baby.  But I won't have time for much nostalgia with all the chasing I'm about to be doing!!

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  1. Isn't it amazing how quickly they grow? So sweet and yet, so fast! Oh, and we started changing Violet on the changing pad right on our bed. That way if she rolls... she has to roll a lot further to actually fall off anything!