Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gone Are the Days of the Lazy Sunday

Gone are the days of the lazy weekend actually, or at least it felt that way this weekend. I hit the ground running on Friday by watching the adorable sweet baby Vera for my friend Samantha. Good thing she is such a good girl because I desperately needed to clean for the loft crawl that night. Once a year our HOA organizes a loft crawl in which you can sign up to show off what you've done to your space. Since we knew that most people were curious about how the baby fits into our loft, we decided to participate. Plus, we are always curious to see what everyone else has done to there place.

After a night of drinking and socializing... and staying up way to late (12:30 am), we had to be up at 6 am for Izzy's soccer game and for me to make it to the NDMOT Semi-Annual Sale (North Dallas Mother of Twins). Being the cheapskate that I am, this place was a dream. I just love the hunt for a good deal. And much to my checkbook's dismay I found quite a few good deals!

After that it was home to feed the baby and shower -- and then off to a friend's daughter's first birthday party at the Little Gym. And because I'm finally getting the hang of this pumping business Daddy finally got a chance to feed Miles. Too cute! :)
After too much frosting, soda and tumbling for poor Izzy's tummy we headed back home to pick up Nick (1 year old parties at the Little Gym are just not appealing to 13 year old boys, sorry birthday girl!) for his birthday dinner at Gramaldi's! That boy loves his pizza -- Happy Birthday Nick!
Then we rushed home to make it to another friends birthday party. Lucky he lives in our loft because that does make late night partying with a baby so much easier.

Thankfully Sunday was a little bit lazier. After my 5 am wake up call from one hungry baby, Tony and I fell back asleep and got to sleep in until 10:30! Then it was off to brunch with good friends. (Congrats Chris and Norah who live in our loft and happen to be expecting! SO exciting!!)
Then it was bath time for the baby...
And finally a trip to the Arboretum with more great friends.

I have to say this may have been the busiest weekend we've seen in a long time. And thankfully Tony has tomorrow off so we can both recover from it! Although, our calendar is already starting to fill up...

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