Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dedicated to my Son

As I sit here bouncing you in your bouncy (praying that you'll go to sleep without me walking you around the room for an hour) I'm starting a blog for you, Miles. A blog so that you can always have something to go back to and help you remember what your first years of life were like living with your mom, dad, two cats, brother and sister in a loft in downtown Dallas.

And let me just say - so far, you love it! You were made for Urban living. Late nights - no problem. Walks around downtown - yes please. Smiling for all the neighbors in the elevator - of course you do, you're just like your father. And after a long day of all of the above, you have finally fallen asleep like the angel baby that you are... sometimes. Well, most of the time. It's not that you're not an angel, it's just that you are too active for your own good. From the moment you were born your eyes have been wide open, not wanting to miss a thing. You only sleep when you're exhausted because there's just so much world to see. You don't fuss too much when you are tired though, but after visiting your family in NM you do expect to be rocked or walked to sleep. Something that requires extra cuddling, so I do not mind one bit. But it is nice having a few minutes to... gosh, I don't even know - go to the bathroom? brush my teeth? write a blog?

I hope that when you grow up and have your own family you can look back on this and laugh and cry at all the wonderful things we did and the good times we had. I also hope to fill this with tons of pictures and videos so that your whole family can watch you grow up and feel like they are not missing out on a thing.

So, from tonight - a picture of our walk to the park.


  1. Of course you woke up the second i was done typing this post and have not gone back to sleep since! So stubborn! :)

  2. What an awesome afternoon we had with you Miles!