Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pool Time Already

While Tony is out of town for work, Miles and I have been spending a lot of time enjoying this beautiful weather at a friend's pool! Thank GOODNESS for Lyndsay and her boys... and their pool. I do not know what we'd do without them! (And can you believe it's pool time already!?!?)

Their pool has an awesome fountain that is perfect for Miles to walk around in. This boy loves water!! And he gives me no less than 200 heart attacks a minute running to the edge of the pool to peer in or reach in. The fountain is a nice break where he can walk around and play without the threat of falling into deeper water.

And when he took a break from playing in the water, he would sit with Lyndsay and me and just play with his cars. I love this boy!

He also enjoyed some sword fighting!

And being naked!!

Lyndsay even offered up some snacks (Fruit Loops, sorry mom!). Here she is trying to convince Miles to come into the living room. Who knew this trick would work! Anything for fruit loops! lol

Thanks Lyndsay for saving us from being alone all week! My abs and cheeks are still hurting from all the laughing... but it was totally worth it!! :)

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