Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Half Price Books

Yesterday we had a fun trip to the Arboretum planned, but the rain threatened our good time away. Instead, my friend Norah and her smiley baby Max invited us to meet them at the book store! Apparently Half Price Books on Northwest Highway off of 75 has the perfect set-up. You can grab a coffee on your way in and then head over to the kids section. There they have a fun house for the kids to run around (no running allowed, but how they expect a toddler to listen to that rule is beyond me), 3 stairs and a ramp. Anyone who knows Miles, knows how much that kid loves a ramp. He can run up and down any ramp a thousand times and never stop until you pull him away kicking and screaming (or bribe him with juice, which is what I usually do).

Needless to say -- we had the absolute best time!

But the most exciting part was finding out that dogs are allowed in Half Priced Books!! The kids had a blast playing with a Basset Hound just lounging around after her master. Puppy treats can be found at the information desk.

Talk about fun for the whole family!!

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