Friday, March 23, 2012

He's A Reader!

The other day I wrote about our trip to Half Price Books. While we were there Miles picked up a Thomas Book and wouldn't stop looking at it. He kept bringing it to me like he wanted me to read it to him, but he would get distracted by the ramp and run off. But he picked it up over and over again and I figured it wouldn't hurt to buy it. I didn't have high expectations though, up until now our attempts to read have been futile. He has always been way too busy and important to listen to me read a book. And instead of force it, I just gave up. Parenting at it's finest. I should write a book!

Well, when we got home I put the book on our side table by the couch and didn't really think about it again. Until Tony got home and Miles picked it up, took it to his daddy, sat in his lap, and listened to him read it - TWICE!

I picked up another book I thought he might like, a Backyardigans book, and handed it to him. And sure enough he let Tony read that one too!

And I can hardly explain my excitement. I LOVE books! And I absolutely LOVE reading!! I've always wanted Miles to love reading as much as I do, but he's stubborn and if I want him to do something he will surely not want to do it. So I just did't push it. And I think because I didn't push it he is now interested in it. Kids, sheesh. But I don't care, I'll take it!! He's been asking us to read books all week now! And he actually sits and listens! My son, who never sits still for a minute, runs every where he goes instead of walking - will actually sit and listen to me read books to him. It's literally a dream come true for me! Miles is a READER!! :)

Another dream come true? Being a contributing blogger on a real mommy blog! Have you read my contributor post over at Dallas Moms Blog yet?? It made me laugh... hopefully you laugh too!

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