Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Tony had a glorious week off of work for Thanksgiving and we spent it lounging, playing video games, walking around downtown, cooking, eating, and loving on the most scrumptious, cuddly, huggable, kissable ball of cuteness we could find!  Why did this week have to end?! 

So, in the theme of Thanksgiving -- I'm thankful for all the normal big things - definitely our home over our head, Tony's good job (and the fact that he goes to work every day to take care of us), our health (which I think we take for granted far to often), this wonderful family which I love more and more each day.

But here are a few of the little things I'm thankful for this year -

Scrumptious baby thighs that I just want to nibble on every second of every day.
A cuddly baby who refuses to sleep anywhere but in bed with us.  (That'll teach me to set rules about kids sleeping in bed with us.)
Iced coffee, and my husband who will run out to McDonalds to get it for me.
The maternity jeans that I kept and wore on Thanksgiving day so I could stuff myself and still be comfortable.
The toppling pile of magazines that I never read, because that's where I found the yummiest recipe for a turkey roll (which turned into a layered turkey, but was still good anyway).
iPhones -- so that I can record videos of Miles and send them to his brother and sister and post them to Facebook.
Facebook -- so that my family all over the country can watch my baby grow up even though we can't all live in the same city.
Getting to watch this baby explore and figure things out and learn new things every day.  He's recently found his hands and loves just staring at them while he wiggles his fingers.
Baby giggles.
Baby screams.
Bouncy seats.

And now a few pictures that sum up our week!

Livin the good life
Me using our new egg-cracker to make a delicious pumpkin cream cheese roll

Excited for our walk in the (finally) chilly weather  

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