Wednesday, November 24, 2010

30 Is the New 20

My father called me on Saturday to "talk to an old lady" while my mother was standing behind him yelling THIRTY THIRTY THIRTY THIRTY over and over again as loudly as she could.  All I can say is -- they must never want to see their grandson again!

I've been in denial with my age for a while now.  My poor step kids have no clue how old I really am because every time they ask "how old are you? 27? 28? 26?" I just answer "yes" and change the subject.  If age really is 'all in how you feel' why do people even bother to keep track?  So, I'm not going to bother any more.  It's all downhill from 30 anyway.  :)

Despite my rather negative feelings towards the age, my birthday weekend really could not have been more awesome!  Harry Potter 7, Part 1 had been promising to release on my bday weekend and the whole family was just peeing ourselves with anticipation!  We even took the kids out of school on Friday to see it first thing in the morning (can you say - coolest parents ever!?).  And let me just note that we are doing that again for any movie we can -- the matinee prices are ridiculously cheap compared to seeing it in the evening!

And the movie did not disappoint!  It was AWESOME!  My only complaint is waiting another 6 months to see the end. 
Not as many people at the early bird showing as we thought
Even Miles came with and he did pretty amazing.  We got a couple of evil eyes from our fellow movie goers, but I prepared quite well and they never heard so much as a peep from him.  By the time the movie started Miles was completely exhausted, well fed and snug as a bug in a rug (aka Maya Wrap)!  I had planned every last detail perfectly!  But of course all the planning in the world only gets you so far -- my perfect baby, who by the way NEVER poops (breastfed babies poop less than formula fed because the breast milk is so easily digestible) pooped not once, but TWICE during the movie.  But after the diaper changes he slept the entire time!  Oh the irony.  :)  I couldn't help but laugh that all my planning and preparing was for naught. 

HP7 was the perfect way to start my birthday weekend and it all got better from there.  We had an awesome stolen day with the kids on Friday.  Miles let me sleep in until 10 AM on Saturday morning (truly amazing as he went to bed at 9 PM and slept a full 13 hours!). Saturday -- Tony and I cleaned and rearranged furniture in the loft for the party that night.   And we successfully hid every last baby item!!  That was one of our main goals when purchasing any baby necessity - will it fold away and disappear when we need it too?   I love that in the morning the loft can look like baby central with every surface covered in baby toys and junk and by that very evening every last item can be folded up and put away and our loft can be reclaimed by the grownups... at least for a couple of hours.

Before the party we got to attend the lighting ceremony at the Main Street Gardens park and then Neimans downtown.  I had never been before, but we will definitely be going every year from now on!  They shut down Main St and it was packed full of people.  The tree lighting at the park was fun (even though I still hate that pathetic wire excuse for a tree), but the lighting at Neiman Marcus was amazing!  They had Santa on the roof with the Superman theme music playing.  Then he propelled down the 9 story building with the grand finale being the lighting of the building and it was truly spectacular!
Before the lights were turned on

The actual party was super fun and mostly uneventful... until I opened my presents!  I received some great gifts, but the highlight was definitely the egg cracker!  

Although, I do appear to be enjoying them all!
This has to be the softest robe I've ever felt!
Sunday was also full of fun festivities - more sleeping in thanks to my wonderful husband who took the kids on a walk when they woke up way too early for my wine-soaked self!  And then an awesome bbq with friends, where Miles picked up a new trick!

Thanks Debbie for this fun new toy!

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