Monday, November 15, 2010

Never A Dull Moment

It is just beyond cute to watch this little man learn and grow and accomplish new things every day!  This weekend he found his toes!!  Now any time we put him down, whether it's in his crib, the bouncy, or on his blankie on the floor, his feet shoot straight up and towards his hands!  Now that he's found them, he doesn't want to let them go.  It's so adorable, but it does make changing his diaper that much more difficult.  

Miles' other new trick is eating cereal out of a spoon.  Well, it's kinda a spoon.  We tried the cereal for the first time last Wednesday.  I know, I know... we're supposed to wait until at least 4 months and he's only 3 and a half.   But since he was two weeks late being born I'm convinced he's ready!  

So, he LOVED the cereal so much that the only problem we had was getting it from the bowl to his mouth fast enough.  He got so frustrated at how long we were taking that we gave up and put it in a bottle.  Well, apparently that's a big no-no according to my pediatrician.  And it makes sense to me - if he can't eat it out of a spoon, he shouldn't be eating it.  Plus, I guess it's easier to choke on cereal from a bottle.  

Well, Babies R Us had the answer.  The 'Bowbotspoon'.  Is it a bowl?  Is it a bottle?  Is it a spoon?  It's all three!  And no, it's not actually called the Bowbotspoon, I totally just made that up. 

Miles could not have been a happier baby!  We put the food in the tube, attach the spoon part and there's a hole that dispenses the cereal when you squeeze the tube.  It's BRILLIANT!  Miles gobbled the cereal right up and almost threw his body to the floor when he was done.  It was just too cute for words!


  1. I found your blog with Kelly's Korner SUYL. When I find a new blog I have to go back to the beginning to read! I just saw this post and never heard of that gadget! Too cool!

    1. Ha, I totally do the same thing with new blogs! Thanks for reading mine... and thanks for the blast from the past I got re-reading this post. My own blog is now giving me baby fever... :)

      now... to click on over to yours......